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21st August 2013


So this is basically half of me. There’s so much more than nine pictures can explain. well anyways, here we go. My friends and I call each other weenies, we’ve been the weenies since freshman year (5 years ago). I have an obsession with Seth MacFarlane ( go ahead and judge me you cant tell anything I haven’t already told myself) I love Star wars, I actually try to watch at least one Star wars movie a week. I sleep with a Star wars pillow and I sleep on my side. My favorite sport is soccer and my favorite team is FCBarcelona. My little cousin andrew and I love each other to death and we take a lot of selfies when we see each other ( hes like my little brother). My favorite baseball team are the Giants and I went to AT&T Park for my birthday this year (It may not seem like a big deal but I live in LA and San Francisco is 6 hours away) That was a loooooong car ride. and last but not least I can’t wait for the new season of game of thrones to come on. This is the only show that I’m really on top of just because its so exciting. Well happy trails everyone (:

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